Flavius Badau is graduating with his doctoral degree this winter from the department of Applied Economics with a concentration in International Trade and Development. The department is excited to share that he will begin work as a Research Agricultural Economist at the USDA-Economic Research Service this March. He began his PhD journey here at OSU in the Fall of 2010. Prior to attending OSU and living in Oregon, Flavius received his undergraduate and Master’s education in the Midwest, and moved to the United States from Romania with his family when he was 15 years old.

In 2014, Flavius had the opportunity to present his research at three different well-known conferences. He presented his study Towards a Global Carbon Dioxide Market: Shadow Pricing CO2 across Countries at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Western Economic Association International (WEAI) in Denver, Colorado. He presented his paper on Ranking Trade Barriers Using Data Envelopment Analysis at the North American Productivity Workshop (NAPW) in Ottawa, Canada. His research is important to contemporary environmental and international trade policy as it investigates whether global standards of living could continue to improve in the presence of global climate change and international trade resistance.

Outside the classroom, Flavius is a traveler, foodie, and a recreational soccer player.

In winter of 2015, Nadine Hanhan defended her Applied Economics master’s thesis about the cost-effectiveness of residential solar programs in Oregon. Her study examined a range of solar program options aimed at offsetting the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation and compared the cost of these options to not installing. She found that “solar installation, with current Oregon incentives and at current interest rates, generally saves people money. However, the incentives are crucial for making this cost-effectiveness a reality….so residents should be diligent about vetting their options.”

Nadine’s father was born in Jordan and her mother in Nicaragua. Her parents immigrated to the US for more opportunities and met in California where Nadine was born and spent most of her childhood. Nadine has consistently thrived in an academic environment: she graduated valedictorian of Barstow High School; she was awarded Outstanding Student in the College of Arts and Letters by California State University San Bernardino; and, also during her undergraduate studies, she was a McNair scholar researching energy. Nadine continued to earn academic distinction during her graduate studies at OSU where she received the 2011 Applied Economics and Policy Summer Fellowship, and in 2012, presented her solar research at the Western Agricultural Economics Association conference. Currently, Nadine works as a Utility Analyst at the Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon, a utility ratepayer advocacy organization. About her work, she states, “I have had the opportunity to apply my degree and my thesis research. The work can be challenging at times, but I love it!”

When asked from whom she drew the most inspiration throughout her master’s degree, Nadine replied that her co-worker, Jaime McGovern, helped her to see the degree through to completion. “Even though I was really thankful about gaining full employment while still finishing my degree, it really slowed down my progress,” said Nadine of her job in Portland. “Jaime really talked me through the times I was struggling, and she encouraged me to finish. Her inspiration was a big reason why I was able to power through.”

In her free time, Nadine likes to salsa dance, attend anime conventions, write, try new restaurants, and participate in local activism.