Placement Director
Christian Langpap
Phone: 541-737-1473

Caleb Dickson


  • Ph.D. expected Winter 2017; Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Dissertation committee: John Antle (Chair), Gopinath Munisamy, Steven Buccola, Jeff Reimer
  • Fields of interests: development, agricultural systems, rural markets, technology adoption, climate change impacts, and policy evaluation
  • Education:

M.A., Economics, 2011 University of Illinois, Chicago

B.S., Business Administration, 2008 University of Southern California


Chris Lauer


  • Ph.D. expected in 2017
  • Primary Adviser: Claire Montgomery. Other Committee Members: Thomas Dietterich, Dave Lewis, Yong Chen, JunJie Wu, John Sessions

  • Fields of interests: Environment & Natural Resources, Operations Research
  • Education:

B.A. Economics (2006) St. John's University, Collegeville, MN


The department would like to congratulate our recent graduates. Recent placements include:

Joel Ainsworth ... Associate, EcoNorthwest, Portland, OR

Mindy Crandall ... Assistant Professor, University of Maine, Orono

Winston Oakley ... Highland Economics, Portland, OR

Xin Zhang ... Apple Computer, Sunnyvale, CA

Xiaojuan Zheng ... Dell Computer, Austin, TX

Flavius Badau ... USDA Economic Research Service

Tiffany Smith ... Analyst, Sightlines Facilities Assets Advisors

Dan Bigelow ... USDA Economic Research Service

Sean Cummings ... Procurement Forester, Georgia-Pacific LLC, Philomath, OR

Nadine Hanhan ... Citizen's Utility Board, Portland, OR

Nicole Kovski ... PhD Program, Public Policy, U. of Washington