Applied Economics Graduate Students – AY 2016-17

AEC Master's Students
Jehan Jabareen
Matthew Lundgren
Grant Zimmerman

AEC Doctoral Students
Roshan Adhikari
John Bartlett
Jason Beasley
Seojin Cho
Caleb Dickson
Cassie Finer
Sultana Fouzia
Isabel Guerrero Ochoa
Yukiko Hashida
Jaeho Jung
Kedar Kulkarni
Christopher Lauer
An Li
Deng Long
Christopher Mihiar
Alexander Natanson
Tu Nguyen
Srabashi Ray
David Rossi
Jian Shi
Matthew Sloggy
Maribeth Todd
Smit Vasquez-Caballero
Senal Weerasooriya
Michael Weinerman
Jialing Yu

Some of the research our students have done in the past:

Master's (Thesis)

Student & Major Professor Title of Thesis
Joel Ainsworth
Penny Diebel
“RINs and Biofuel Mandates: Comparing Ethanol and Biodiesel Markets” Abstract
William Anderson
Penny Diebel
“Net Farm Income Determinants and the Role of Water Development Projects”
Joanna Carroll
Bruce Weber
“Did the Great Recession Change SNAP Participation Behavior? A Panel Analysis of Two Oregon Snap Participant Cohorts”
Jacob Gjesdahl
Randy Rosenberger
“Improved Viewshed Modelling for Estimating Effects of Neighboring Land Uses on Property Values”
Sam Gulpen
Bill Jaeger
“Using Country-Level Forest Coverage to Analyze the Existence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve”
Nadine Hanhan
Susan Capalbo
“Greening the Grid: The Cost-Effectiveness of Residential Solar Programs in Oregon” Flyer
Elizabeth "Libby" Hodgin
Cathy Durham
“Impact of Price and Color Availability on Fair Trade and Organic Apparel Choice”
Daniel Holder
B. Starr McMullen
“Determinants of Household Vehicle Miles Traveled in Oregon”
Alexey Kalinin
Bill Jaeger
“Right as Rain? The Value of Water in Willamette Valley Agriculture”
Yue Ke
Starr McMullen
“Economic Analysis of a Road Usage Charge” Abstract
Nicole Kovski
David Lewis
“Recreational Boating and the Spread of Eurasian Water milfoil – Determinants of Boater Demand and the Costs of Prevention Efforts in Wisconsin” Abstract
Annah Latane
Bill Jaeger
“An Exploration of Water Quality in the United States Using an Environmental Kuznets Curve Framework”
Jeffrey McCaulou
Susan Capalbo
“Estimating a Juniper Biomass Supply from Private Rangelands: The Impact of Distance and Biotic Factors on Costs”
Jason Miller
Cathy Durham
"The Economics of Commodity Promotion in the Hazelnut Industry"
Winston Oakley
JunJie Wu
"Maximizing Urban Property Values Through Open Space Conservation" Abstract
Beau Olen
JunJie Wu
“Irrigation Choices for Major West Coast Crops: Water Scarcity and Climatic Determinants”
Daniel Ritter
Clark Seavert
“The Economic Value of Native Pollinators in Regard to Oregon Blueberry Production”
Sakib Bin Salam
B. Starr McMullen
“Is There Still a Southwest-Effect? – A Study of Southwest Airline’s Pricing Strategies”
Lucas Stein
Penny Diebel
“Economic Analysis of Potential Camelina Oil Crop Supplies in the Northwest U.S.”
Tyler West
Clark Seavert
“An Investment Valuation and Risk Assessment of High-Density Sweet Cherry Orchards”
Senal Weerasooriya
Qinglai Meng
“Exchange Rate Dynamics and the Trade Balance: The Case of Sri Lanka”
Seth Wiggins
John Antle
"Pacific Northwest Rangeland Carbon Sequestration"
Xiurou Wu
Bruce Weber
How Does Income Inequality Affects Community Economic Resilience?”
Xin Zhang
Jeff Reimer
"An Economic Model of Search and Matching in International Trade" Abstract

Master's (Projects)

Student & Major Professor
Title of Project
Lauren Bell
Randy Rosenberger
“Estimating Recreation Losses from Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado”
Robert Campbell
Randy Rosenberger
“Economic Analysis of Coho Salmon Habitat Restoration at Winter Lake, Lower Coquille River, Oregon”
Sean Cummings
Randy Rosenberger
Claire Cvitanovich
Randy Rosenberger
“Updated Recreation Use Values Database: Meta-regression and Comparative Analysis”
Jacob Davis
Christian Langpap
“Endangered Species Conservation Funding Analysis and Optimization”
Rishi Deka
Susan Capalbo
“Wind, Solar and Wave Energy: A Comparative Review and Cost-Benefit Study”
Arjang Fartash
Qinglai Meng
“The Impact of Consumption Externality on the Current Account of a Small Open Economy”
Isabel Guerrero
Darius Adams
“An Econometric Analysis of Output Supply and Input Demand in the Oregon Softwood Lumber and Plywood Industries”
Xiaoou Han
Christian Langpap
“An exploration of the connection between land management and endangered species recovery.” Flyer
Yo Han Lee
Claire Montgomery
“Changing Housing Density in the Rural Midwest”
Thomas Palley
Jeff Reimer
“Minimum Wage Labor in the State of Oregon: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Immigration and Minimum Wage Policy”
Samuel Robison
Rolf Fare
“An Analysis of the Productivity of TSA Screenings”
Benjamin Schiek
John Antle
“Modeling the Praxis of Climate Change and Farmer Adaptation: A Kenya Case Study Combining the Ricardian and TOA-MD Methologies”
Braeton Smith
Bill Jaeger
“The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Fuel-Switching in Electricity Generation”
Tiffany Smith
David Lewis
“The Market Opportunity Costs of Retiring Cropland: A Case Study in Eastern Oregon” Abstract
Joshua Swanson
Gil Sylvia
“The Economic Feasibility of Small-Scale Aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest”
Marielle Vena
Randy Rosenberger
“The Shifting Determinants of the Unemployment Rate During Recession and Recovery”
Jenna Way
Clark Seavert
“A Method to Assess the Tradeoffs between Farm Profits and Environmental Quality Outcomes”


Student & Major Professor Title of Dissertation
Flavius Badau
Rolf Färe
“Climate change and Trade in a Globalized World” Abstract
Dan Bigelow
Andrew Plantinga
“How Do Population Growth, Land-use Regulations, and Precipitation Patterns Affect Water Use? A Fine-scale Empirical Analysis of Landscape Change” Abstract
Meidan Bu
Randy Rosenberger
“Spatial Heterogeneity, Meta-analysis and Spatial Dependency: Three Essays on Environmental Valuation and Spatial Land Management Decisions”
Yunguang Chen
Yong Chen
"Essays on Regional Economic Impact Assessment and Demand Analysis using Disaggregated Data" Abstract
Jangho Choi
Munisamy Gopinath
“Multi-Product Firms' Productivity and Export Behavior”
Mindy Crandall
Claire Montgomery
“The Effects of Increased Supply and Emerging Technologies in the Forest Products Industry on Rural Communities”
Chris Cusack
Gil Sylvia
“Bioeconomic Simulation Modeling of Marine Fisheries: Three Essays"
Judith Dempsey
Andrew Plantinga
“Three Essays on the Effectiveness of Oregon’s Land-Use Planning System: Economic Analysis with Quasi-Experimental Methods”
Toru Hagimoto
Christian Langpap
“Essays of Land Use Changes, Open Space, and Water Pollution”
Kim Hall
Jo Albers
“Optimal Spatial-Dynamic Resource Allocation Decisions Facing Uncertainty: Integrating Economics and Ecology for Invasive Species Policy” Abstract
Taeyoung Kim
Christian Langpap
“Three Essays on Private Landowners’ Response to Incentives for Carbon Sequestration through Forest Management and Afforestation”
Cheng Li
Steve Buccola
“Essays on Nursery Labor, Sales Contracts, and Price Discovery”
Youngah Lim
Munisamy Gopinath
“Cost-Efficient Management of Aquatic Invasive Species: Application to New Zealand Mudsnails in the Pacific Northwest”
Lin Qin
Steve Buccola
“The Economics of a Research Program: Knowledge Production, Cost, and Technical Efficiency”
Ryan Siegel
Robin Cross
“Three Essays on Constrained Markets”
Caiwen Wu
Susan Capalbo
& JunJie Wu
“Essays on Location Decisions and Carbon Sequestration Strategy of U.S. Firms”
Qian Wu
Munisamy Gopinath
“Trade Costs and Business Dynamics in U.S. Regions and Industries”
Hongliang Zhang
John Antle
“Outcome Distributions in Impact Assessment: Climate Change and Technology Adoption in Pacific Northwest Agriculture” Abstract
Xiaojuan Zheng
Jeff Reimer
“A Computable General Equilibrium Model with Applications for the Pacific Northwest” Abstract