Applied Economics at Oregon State has long served Oregon and elsewhere with our deep tradition of research, outreach, and extension in agricultural and resource economics and policy. We specialize in natural resource and environmental economics, international trade and development, rural economics, agricultural marketing, and food systems.

Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy

Works to improve public and private decision making by providing objective economic analysis of critical public policy issues concerning agriculture, natural resources, energy, food systems, technology, and the environment.

Tradeoff Analysis Project

Develops modeling tools that can be used by research teams to improve the understanding of agricultural system sustainability and inform policy decisions. The goal is to support informed policy decision making.

Rural Studies Program

Focused on the study of issues that affect rural people and places. The Rural Studies Program is a multi-disciplinary program that teaches classes, conducts research, and provides extended education with faculty from many colleges at OSU.

Willamette Water 2100

Uses an integrated approach to evaluate how climate change, population growth, economic growth, and reservoir operations will change the availability and the use of water in the Willamette River Basin over the 21st century.


Offers a user-friendly interface for a suite of economic, financial, and environmental decision tools designed for businesses that grow, harvest, package, add value, and sell agricultural products. Registered users can manage budgets to track performance—and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and see where they are performing well.

Enterprise Budgets

Offers resources for the dissemination of Oregon Agricultural Information Network Enterprise Budget Sheets and additional agriculture-related materials.