We are glad you have chosen to consider joining our strong and exciting undergraduate program.


Study and research groundbreaking issues in the Applied Economics field.


Our undergraduate students come from across the state and country, from all walks of life, and have diverse interests in the future of agriculture and natural resource management in Oregon and beyond. Our students are leaders on campus, in their community, and in their chosen profession. One example is the AEC Academic Quiz Bowl (click here for more information).


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All Agricultural Business Management (ABM) and Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) majors should contact the Undergraduate Advising Office in 208 Ballard Extension Hall. Ultimately, you are responsible for your academic success at OSU. The AEC advisor is here to assist you along the way. Once you have determined a particular area of interest, it is appropriate to seek out the guidance of faculty members who focus on these areas. These interactions should not replace regular consultation with your advisor. Feel free to contact the Undergraduate Advising Office at any time!

Undergraduate Advisor

Tjodie RichardsTjodie Richardson
Head Undergraduate Advisor
208 Ballard Extension Hall
Email: tjrichardson@oregonstate.edu

What Your Advisor Can Do For You

  • Academic Planning and Registration
  • Career Counseling
  • Planning an Internship
  • Assistance Moving Through Academic Difficulties
  • Nominate Students for Awards and Honors
  • Provide Letters of Recommendation
  • Listen to Input About the ABM and EEP Degree Program

2016 Undergraduate Awards Luncheon Brochure

Careers in AEC

  • Conservation Specialist
  • Agricultural Statistician
  • Agricultural Entreprenuer
  • Academic positions (Professor, Post doc)
  • International Development
  • International Business Manager
  • Environmental Economist
  • Land Use Planning
  • Agricultural Products Broker
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Agricultural Policy Specialist
  • Investment Banker
  • Commodities Broker
  • Economics Analyst
  • Agricultural Program Manager
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Agricultural Law and Policy
  • Springboard for law school or doctoral programs