The Environmental Economics and Policy online degree focuses on development of strong economic skills and their use in the analysis of environmental and natural resource stewardship, while providing flexibility to incorporate interests in the biological, physical or social sciences. Students can also supplement their degree program with any number of online minors offered by OSU's Ecampus (AEC also offers an online minor in Resource Economics).

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Environmental Economics & Policy

  • Make a difference in the use of limited natural resources
  • Get the most current information about natural resource and environmental issues
  • Evaluate environmental and resource policy using economic methods and tools
  • Work with faculty who tackle resource issues across the globe
  • Prepare for careers with non-profit organizations, government agencies, policy makers, or go onto a graduate studies program or law school.

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Agricultural Business Management


Resource Economics

  • Contribute to management efforts associated with sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Inform public debate regarding responsible solutions for resource issues affecting America and the global community.
  • Assists in preparation for law careers, educational leadership, and interdisciplinary graduate programs.

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Below are examples of Ecampus AEC 406 senior projects from recent terms.

Spring 2017

Nathan Biasotti: Asbestos Abatement for Business Owners: Identifying a Least-Cost Approach

Final Paper

Summer 2016

Scott Auld: What are the causes and timing of loss for insured crops in the U.S. Pacific Northwest?

Final Paper   

Caitlin E. Smith: Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled: Amazon Prime Now Versus Private Shopping Trips

Final Paper

Spring 2016

Laura Ginn: Reducing the Cost of Waste Naturally: A Consumer's Guide to Wetland Wastewater Treatment

Final Paper