Richard M. Adams

Professor Emeritus
240F Ballard Extension Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331-3601

Alaskan Research Activities

Research Interest Statement

Dr. Adams' current research interests focus on the economic effects of air and water pollution, the implications of climate change for agriculture and water resources, and the tradeoffs between agricultural activity and environmental quality.

Biographical Sketch

Richard M. Adams is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Prior service includes assistant and associate professor, University of Wyoming. He has served as editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and associate editor for Water Resources Research and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. He is a member of various government committees dealing with climate change, air and water pollution and other environmental issues.

Selected Honors, Awards, and Professional Recognition and Service

AAEA/WAEA Service and Awards:

Outstanding Journal Article, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (Peck and Adams) 2010
2008 AAEA Publication of Enduring Quality Award for his seminal article on Climate Change and Agriculture, Nature, 1990.
Listed in Who's Who in Economics, Fourth Edition, M. Blaug (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishers, 2003.
Outsanding Journal Article (Uw and Adams), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2001
Editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1992-1994, Vols. 74-76.
Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence, Texas A&M University, 1998.
Thesis Advisor, Outstanding M.S. Thesis, WAEA, 1988.
Outstanding Journal Article (Lin, Adams, Berrens), Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 1996.

Advisory Committees:
Agricultural Advisory Committee, and Chairman, Science Advisory Subcommittee, California Air Resources Board, 1982-1988.
Chairman, Policy Sciences Committee, Hydrology Section, American Geophysical Union, 1988-1990.
Invited Participant, U.S.-Dutch Symposium on Ozone Effects. Nimegen, The Netherlands, 1988.
Advisory Panel, Systems at Risk from Climate Change. U.S. Congress, OTA, 1992.
Steering Committee for Agricultural Assessment, ASGCRP, 1998-2000.
National Technical Advisory Committee, National Institute for Global Environmental Change, 1997-2000.
California Bay-Delta Authority (CALFED) Independent Service Board, 2005-2007.
National Academy of Sciences. Numerous panels dealing with water issues.

Other Service and Awards:
Henry A. Jastro Fellowship for Graduate Study, University of California, 1970-1971.
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Economics, UC Davis, 1975.
Gamma Sigma Delta.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Award for Research Excellence, National Crop Loss Assessment Network, November 1987.
Editor's Citation for Excellence in Refereeing, Water Resources Research, 1995.
Reviewer for twenty professional journals.

Vice President, WAEA, 1990-1991.

Research Grants

Principal or Co-Principal Investigator on 18 major grants totaling $2,500,000 including four USDA, CSRS Competitive Grants totaling $750,000 since 1989.

Selected Journal Articles (from 130 peer-reviewed publications)

Seedang, S., S. Fernald, R.M. Adams and D.H. Landers. "Economic Analyses of Water Temperature Reduction Practices in a Large River Flood Plain." River Research and Applications. (2008) 24:941-959.

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Adams, R.M., B.A. McCarl and L.O. Means. "The Role of Spatial Variability on Economic Effects of Climate Change." Climatic Change (September, 2003) 60:131-148.