What is the Accelerated Master's Platform?

The Department of Applied Economics is accepting applications to the Accelerated Master's Platform, a program that allows you to count up to 12 undergraduate credits toward both your bachelor’s and your master’s degree. With careful planning, you may be able to  complete your MS in Applied Economics in one additional year after you complete your undergraduate degree from OSU.

Applications are due Friday of Finals Week during Winter Term of the Junior year for admission the following Fall Term.


The Applied Economics Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP) provides the training necessary for success in analytical, policy, or management positions or as preparation for further graduate education.  The program allows students to complete an undergraduate degree in Agricultural and Food Business Management (AFBM), Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP), or related undergraduate degrees and an M.S./M.A. in Applied Economics in 5 years of study.

The focus is on applied economics, policy, and quantitative analysis of natural resources management, environmental policy, sustainable development, agricultural markets, and related areas.  Our students develop strong economic skills and analytical methods – such as econometric and spatial analytic tools – essential for applying their expertise to real-world issues.  Coursework centers on microeconomics and science-based policy analysis, drawing on courses both within the program and from other University departments and colleges.

Who should apply?

Outstanding undergraduate students who have completed 105 of their required 180 credits toward their degree with an overall GPA of 3.25 or better are eligible to apply during the winter term of their junior year. 

When will my program start?

The master’s program will notify applicants of admissions decisions during spring term after applications are due.  Accepted students will taking master's-level classes during their senior year. After graduating with their BA/BS, these students will automatically enter the master's program.

How does it work?

During their undergraduate senior year, successful applicants are allowed to apply a maximum of nine graduate credits (taken for a letter grade and not including blanket-numbered courses), to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees. Only credits with letter grades of B (3.00) or better may be counted for graduate credit. In addition, students in the Honors College or in other undergraduate programs that require a thesis may use the undergraduate thesis as a step toward the master’s research paper. Students admitted to the AMP program must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better throughout their undergraduate and master’s degree programs or they will be subject to dismissal from the AMP.

Students in the AMP will complete the same requirements as all MS students in Applied Economics, including choosing an area of concentration. Students will be advised to take classes in their concentration area during the senior year of their undergraduate term, when they can apply nine of their unrestricted credits toward both their undergraduate and MS degrees. Students will also be advised to complete any prerequisites for their MS classes during their senior year.

Possible areas of concentration include (but are not limited to):

  • Resource and Environmental Economics
  • Trade and Development Economics
  • Marine Resource Economics and Policy
  • Rural Development Economics
  • Agricultural Economics and Business Management
  • Applied Economic Policy Analysis
  • Forest Resource Economics
  • Bioenergy and Climate Change Economics
  • Risk Analysis

Students enrolled in the AMP are expected to complete the Research Paper option to meet the supervised research portion of the program. Research credits will be completed in the final term of their program.