2018 Meeting



The team's third annual advisory borad meeting was held on Thursday April 12th and Friday April 13th 2018.

Thursday considted of a full day field trip to several areas on the coast to discuss research and policy outcomes at sites relevant to our research pathways. Friday's portion of the meeting was a workshop held at the Library of the HMSC to share research with the advisory board.

  - Photo by Bonnie Moreland

Members of the Advisory Board and several individuals from our research team visited three locations along the Oregon Coast illustrative of coastal issues that are the focus of our research efforts. For a summary of the events and conversations that took place at the 2018 meeting, please link to the PDFs below.

2018 Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

2018 Advisory Board Meeting Day 1 Presentations

2018 Advisory Board Meeting Day 2 Presentations

2018 Advisory Board Meeting Summary