Some of the research our students have done in the past:


Student & Major Professor Title of Dissertation
Flavius Badau
Rolf Färe
“Climate change and Trade in a Globalized World” 
Dan Bigelow
Andrew Plantinga
“How Do Population Growth, Land-use Regulations, and Precipitation Patterns Affect Water Use? A Fine-scale Empirical Analysis of Landscape Change” 
Meidan Bu
Randy Rosenberger
“Spatial Heterogeneity, Meta-analysis and Spatial Dependency: Three Essays on Environmental Valuation and Spatial Land Management Decisions”
Yunguang Chen
Yong Chen
"Essays on Regional Economic Impact Assessment and Demand Analysis using Disaggregated Data" 
Jangho Choi
Munisamy Gopinath
“Multi-Product Firms' Productivity and Export Behavior”
Mindy Crandall
Claire Montgomery
“The Effects of Increased Supply and Emerging Technologies in the Forest Products Industry on Rural Communities”
Chris Cusack
Gil Sylvia
“Bioeconomic Simulation Modeling of Marine Fisheries: Three Essays"
Judith Dempsey
Andrew Plantinga
“Three Essays on the Effectiveness of Oregon’s Land-Use Planning System: Economic Analysis with Quasi-Experimental Methods”
Toru Hagimoto
Christian Langpap
“Essays of Land Use Changes, Open Space, and Water Pollution”
Kim Hall
Jo Albers
“Optimal Spatial-Dynamic Resource Allocation Decisions Facing Uncertainty: Integrating Economics and Ecology for Invasive Species Policy” 
Taeyoung Kim
Christian Langpap
“Three Essays on Private Landowners’ Response to Incentives for Carbon Sequestration through Forest Management and Afforestation”
Cheng Li
Steve Buccola
“Essays on Nursery Labor, Sales Contracts, and Price Discovery”
Youngah Lim
Munisamy Gopinath
“Cost-Efficient Management of Aquatic Invasive Species: Application to New Zealand Mudsnails in the Pacific Northwest”
Lin Qin
Steve Buccola
“The Economics of a Research Program: Knowledge Production, Cost, and Technical Efficiency”
Ryan Siegel
Robin Cross
“Three Essays on Constrained Markets”
Caiwen Wu
Susan Capalbo 
& JunJie Wu
“Essays on Location Decisions and Carbon Sequestration Strategy of U.S. Firms”
Qian Wu
Munisamy Gopinath
“Trade Costs and Business Dynamics in U.S. Regions and Industries”
Hongliang Zhang
John Antle
“Outcome Distributions in Impact Assessment: Climate Change and Technology Adoption in Pacific Northwest Agriculture” 
Xiaojuan Zheng
Jeff Reimer
“A Computable General Equilibrium Model with Applications for the Pacific Northwest”