Applied Economics at Oregon State takes you beyond the classroom, bringing relevant concepts to life and putting them to work through a variety of experiential learning opportunities.
From real-world internships to undergraduate research, and even the chance to travel to national conferences or learn in another country, experiential learning provides you the ability to apply concepts and theory in an outside-the-classroom setting to truly learn what you can do with your degree.

Undergraduate Internships - All students in one of our majors are required to complete an internship or similar project. This is a great opportunity to apply what you have learned, strengthen your written and oral communication skills, and get a first-hand taste of what those jobs are really like. Don't worry - a faculty advisor will assist you in planning your internship, completing the agreement form, and will be a liaison during your experience if issues or questions arise. In addition to tried and true Internship (AEC 410), we also have an Independent Special Project (AEC 406), Faculty Supervised Research or Scholarship Project (AEC 401), and finally, an International Study Experience (AEC 401). All four options require the student to write a 10‐15 page report as well as give an oral presentation about their experience. 

International Experiences - Applied Economics often offers classes in other countries. Recent examples have included trips to France, Chile, and the Netherlands. There are also opportunities to study abroad with other departments on campus, or even with other universities. 

Undergraduate Research - The applied economics department encourages students to work with faculty on all sorts of research projects with the overall goal of enhancing undergraduate education and preparing students for careers in all areas. Information about resources for undergraduate research at OSU is available here