AAEA Taking Donations to Honor OSU PhD Alumni Walt Armbruster With Appreciation Club

The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) is honoring OSU Applied Economics PhD alumni Walt Armbruster ('70) with the creation of the Walt Armbruster Appreciation Club. AAEA has a select set of appreciation clubs to recognize the accomplishments of its most prominent members.

Walt Armbruster is President Emeritus of the Farm Foundation, a non-partisan agricultural policy institute focused on meeting society’s needs for food, fiber, feed, and energy. During a 30-year career there, Walt used his understanding of systems to bring people together to explore issues affecting the well-being of agriculture and rural people. His responsibilities include allocating funds to increase the impact of research and education programs, developing new areas of endeavor, and identifying emerging policy issues. Walt organized numerous conferences in collaboration with colleagues from the land grant universities, government agencies, and industry to bring forth the best research possible on economic and policy issues facing agriculture and rural areas. Walt is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, and other professional publications and he co-edited books on a range of agricultural and related policy topics.

AAEA invites you to honor Walt by making a gift or a pledge to contribute to this fund, which will support the broad welfare of the profession, including development of its future members. The donation form is here