Clark Seavert and AgBizLogic Featured in Good Fruit Grower Magazine

Professor Clark Seavert and his project AgBizLogic were recently featured in an article in Good Fruit Grower Magazine. The article highlights AgBizLogic, a suite of online decision-making tools developed by Clark to help growers assess their farm economics and finances, including the impact of climate change, that will be released for public use this month. 

The tool allows users to link budgets to weather forecasts for the upcoming season or climate projections for the 2030s, scaled to a county level. The tool translates complex climate data from the Northwest Climate Toolbox — a collection of web tools for visualizing past and projected climate and hydrology in the Pacific Northwest — so that it can link to growers’ farm-specific information needs

To understand what the climate projections mean for growers, Clark conducted focus groups with different crop producers, including tree fruit, livestock and cereal producers in the Northwest, as well as livestock producers in the Midwest.