Congratulations Yukiko!

Yukiko Hashida, a 4th year PhD student studying environmental and natural resource economics, has recently been awarded a National Needs Fellowship (NNF). Yukiko’s research focus in on ecosystem services, specifically dealing with forest ownership and tree species. After getting her masters in applied economics from the University of Michigan, Yukiko worked for ICF International as an international renewable energy consultant, where she analyzed renewable energy deployment opportunities for utility companies, as well as formulated the greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies for corporate clients. Yukiko recently presented at the June 2016 Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Annual Summer Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado on Adaption to Climate Change in Forestry – An Empirical Analysis of Harvest and Replanting Decisions under Climate Change in the Western U.S. She plans to finish her PhD in 2017.

Yukiko follows a tradition among our students of receiving NNF funding. Last year, PhD student Cassie Finer was an NNF fellow. Cassie received her BA from University of Colorado – Boulder, where her Undergraduate Honors Theses was on "Infrastructure Preference and Value among Transportation Cyclists in the U.S." She is currently in the fourth year of her PhD in the department of Applied Economics. Her major advisor is Dave Lewis and her research focuses is on the capitalization of climate change risk in forest and coastal land markets.