James Sterns Wins Two Teaching Awards

At this year’s annual meeting of the Western Agricultural Economics Association, Dr. James Sterns, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at Oregon State University, received the Association’s “Undergraduate Teaching Award with more than ten years of experience.” The award recognizes outstanding teaching within a strict set of guidelines established by the WAEA.  The criteria for the award include a clear demonstration of the following: (1) personal interest in and availability to students, (2) mastery of subject matter and course content, (3) creativity in designing and using innovative teaching methods, (4) impact on learning based on student and peer evaluation, and (5) impact on departmental teaching program. Department Head Jen Alix-Garcia noted that, “Dr. Sterns continues the tradition of excellence in our undergraduate instruction here within the department, and this award gives national recognition of this long-standing commitment to the students in our two majors.” The WAEA organization promotes agricultural economics and human welfare solutions, and counts as members over 600 professional economists, government officials, agribusiness executives and nongovernmental organization members.

In addition, Dr. Sterns was recognized by the College of Agricultural Sciences with the 2017 R. M. Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award, based on (1) mastery of subject matter, (2) ability to motivate and stimulate, (3) ability to communicate, (4) innovation, and (5) evidence of favorable student and peer response, is for outstanding teaching in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the winners are added to the Registry of Distinguished Teachers. Dr. Sterns will be recognized and celebrated for this accomplishment at the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Faculty and Staff Awards luncheon scheduled for noon on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 in the Memorial Union Horizon Room.