New Paper by Professor Jennifer Alix-Garcia on using Subscriptions to Satellite Alerts to Decrease Deforestation in Africa

In a study by a research group that includes our Department Head Jennifer Alix-Garcia in the journal Nature Climate Change, forest loss was shown to have declined 18% in African nations where land managers and policymakers subscribe to a new satellite-based program that provides free alerts when it detects deforestation activities.⁠

The study found that the Global Land Analysis and Discovery System, known as GLAD, resulted in carbon sequestration benefits worth hundreds of millions of dollars in GLAD’s first two years.⁠ GLAD, launched in 2016, is a financially efficient tactic for making a dent in deforestation. It delivers alerts created by the University of Maryland’s Global Land Analysis and Discovery lab based on high-resolution satellite imaging from NASA’s Landsat Science program. The information is made available to subscribers via a free, interactive web application, Global Forest Watch.⁠

The premise is simple: Subscribe to GLAD, launch Global Forest Watch, receive email alerts when the GLAD algorithm detects deforestation going on and then take action to save forests.⁠