Graduate Student Spotlight: Cade White

 Cade White is a second-year student in the Applied Economics Ph.D. program.

He is originally from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  


What is your area of research?

I am broadly interested in using econometric tools and microeconomic theory to better our understanding of how individuals use natural resources. My current research focuses on the impacts of wildfires on private forest management in the U.S.

Why is your research important?

In the face of ongoing climate change, individuals are constantly having to adjust how they make decisions. Understanding why people make these choices and what happens to the environment and the economy as a result is crucial for mitigating the effects of climate change.

What inspired you to choose to study applied economics?

During my undergraduate education, I was exposed to the methods and ways economists understand and solve problems. Seeing how economists can use these methods to solve environmental problems immediately clicked with me, and I've been in this field ever since! 

Why did you choose Oregon State University?

I chose Oregon State because of the wonderful people and the beautiful area. Our department is filled with professors conducting cutting-edge research, and Corvallis offers so much to see and do. 

What is a fun or interesting fact about you?

I love endurance sports! I recently completed my first marathon and Olympic triathlon and hope to complete an Ironman triathlon in my hometown someday.

What are your previous schools and degrees?

B.S. Business & Economic Analytics, minors in Information Technology Management & Mathematics: Boise State University

M.S. Economics: Boise State University