Graduate Student Spotlight: Jessica Osanya

  Jessica Osanya is a third-year student in the Applied Economics Ph.D. program.

She is originally from Kenya. 


What is your area of research?

My research areas of interest are in development economics, international trade, and environmental economics. My current area of focus is using general equilibrium analysis to assess the impact of economic policies, such as SNAP, and to make predictions about their effects on different sectors of the economy.

What are your previous schools and degrees?

I have a BSc in Agribusiness Management and an MSc in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

What inspired you to choose to study applied economics?

I chose to study applied economics because I want to gain the skills and knowledge required to analyze and find solutions to real-world economic problems, and subsequently contribute towards decision-making processes aimed at improving the welfare of society.

Why did you choose Oregon State University?

I chose OSU because its Applied Economics program offers thorough training in economic theory and quantitative methods which are essential for my career as an applied economist.

Why is your research important? 

My research is important for understanding how policies affect various sectors and agents in the economy, because it takes into account the interconnectedness of economic variables. This provides valuable insights for decision-makers and is also useful for forecasting trends and outcomes.

What is a fun or interesting fact about you?

Outside of academics, I like to do puzzles and bake.