Do you think you might want to continue to graduate study in economics or finance?  Or perhaps you just like finding ways to put those math skills to work!  This sequence of courses adds an extra level of quantitative rigor to our traditional sequence and gives you the tools you will need to engage with economics at the graduate level. Note that course schedules may change, so be sure to consult your advisor and the course catalog. The playlist can be downloaded here

Freshman Year

Fall Term

AEC 121 - Discovering Agricultural and Resource Economics

MTH 111 - College Algebra

WR 121 - English Composition; or COMM 111 - Public Speaking; or COMM 114 - Argument and Critical Discourse

Bacc Core – Western Culture


Winter Term

WR 121 - English Composition; or COMM 111 - Public Speaking; or COMM 114 - Argument and Critical Discourse

MTH 241 - Calculus for Management and Social Science

AEC 250 - Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy

Bacc Core – Cultural Diversity

Bacc Core – Literature and the Arts


Spring Term

WR 121 - English Composition; or COMM 111 - Public Speaking; or COMM 114 - Argument and Critical Discourse

ECON 202 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

Bacc Core – Physical Science

Bacc Core – Social Processes and Institutions

HHS 231 - Lifetime Fitness for Health

PAC - Physical Activity Course

Sophomore Year

Fall Term

WR 222 - English Composition; or WR 214 - Writing in Business

Bacc Core – Biological Science

Bacc Core – Difference, Power, and Discrimination 


Winter Term

AEC 253 - Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics 

AEC 311 - Intermediate Applied Economics I: Producers and Consumers 

AG 111 - Information Technology in Agriculture; or CS 101 - Computers: Applications and Implications

Bacc Core – Physical Science or Biological Science


Spring Term

AEC 313 - Intermediate Applied Economics II: Markets, Welfare, and Policy 

AEC 432 - Environmental Law

FW 303 - Survey of GIS in Natural Resource; or GEOG 360 - GIScience I: Geographic Information Systems and Theory; or HORT 414 - Precision Agriculture 

Junior Year

Fall Term

ST 351 - Introduction to Statistical Methods

Bacc Core – Contemporary Global Issues or Science, Technology, and Society

Upper Division Elective

MTH 251 - Differential Calculus


Winter Term

AEC 351 - Natural Resource Economics and Policy 

AEC 446 - Introduction to Applied Econometrics

ST 352 - Introduction to Statistical Methods

MTH 252 - Integral Calculus


Spring Term        

AEC 352 - Environmental Economics and Policy

MTH 341 - Linear Algebra I

Upper Division Elective

Bacc Core – Contemporary Global Issues or Science, Technology, and Society

Senior Year

Fall Term

Upper Division Elective

AEC 448 - Advanced Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics

AEC 410 - Internship

ECON 439 - Public Policy Analysis



Winter Term

WR 323 - English Composition;  or WR 327 - Technical Writing

Upper Division Elective

ECON 427 - Econometrics II



Spring Term

AEC 434 - Measuring Resource & Environmental Impacts 

AEC 447 - Agricultural Price and Market Analysis

Upper Division Elective