Which major did you complete?⁠
"Agricultural Business Management"⁠

What is your home state?

What was the best thing about your major?
"The best thing about the ABM major was the connections made with other people in the major and the small, close group of students. I really enjoyed the other students in the major, and being able to do fun things with them. I also feel that I have learned some good background information relating to many aspects of the business world. ABM does not include a lot of actual practical, applicable information, but many things I have had to learn have been backed up by conceptual knowledge that I have gained from my degree."⁠

What are your plans after graduation?
"After graduation (and before graduation), my plans are to continue farming grass seed and do custom application work. I have been spreading fertilizer all spring with a buggy I bought, and am now starting to do a bunch for custom spraying. I plan to be self-employed and continue to find more available ground and grow my farming operation in the years to come."⠀⁠