On June 12, 2015, the Department of Applied Economics’ (AEC) faculty, staff, students, and their families gathered in the hallways of Ballard Extension Hall to celebrate another successful academic year, and the graduation of 51 outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

From fall of 2014 to fall of 2015, the AEC department will have graduated 19 Agricultural Business Management (ABM) and 17 Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) students. Many of these graduates have job placements in their field at organizations such as Revolution Energy Solutions, Bank of Eastern Oregon State, Northwest Farm Credit Services, and ABS Global. Some other students will be returning to work on their family farm. This cohort was exemplar in their contributions to the department, many being active members of the AAEA Quiz Bowl team, athletic teams, USDA’s Agricultural Outlook Forum Student Diversity Program, and the Leadership Academy.

The AEC department saw the successful completion of 9 Master’s students and 6 doctoral students. The doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis topics ranged from energy conservation, climate change and food security, international trade, effects of population growth and land use on natural resource use, and many more. Many of these students are moving on with jobs in academia, nonprofits, and the public and private sectors.

Although the presence of these stellar students will be missed around the department, we wish them the best of luck on their next journey!

Congratulations, graduates!

Agricultural Business Management
Anthony Delie
Patrick Gaffney
David Halliday
Brett Harrison
Emily Jerkins
Ben Jernstedt
Kerenza Martin
Zachary Martinez
Teri Mc Gettigan
Zachary Millang
Stephan Mosier
Kelsi Putman
Julia Scolari
Andrea Smaciarz
Rebecca Thomas
Rachel Van Dyke
Steve Gosse
Casey Baker
Brenton Keddy
Environmental Economics and Policy
Brytann Busick
Brenda Eppenstiner
Aimee Frappied
Lisa Harp
Rhiannon Kaulitzke
Arleigh Laney
Richard Manuli
John Nielsen
Rysan Ouye
Rozalyn Patrick
Phanphisooth Saksatcha
Julia Steinsdoerfer
Christopher Van Dyke
Malorie Reimer
Samuel Padilla
Tiffany Bennet
Morgan McMechen
Master’s Degree in Applied Economics
Joel Ainsworth
Winston Oakley
Xin Zhang
Xiaoou Han
Tiffany Rose Smith
Yue Ke
Nicole Kovski
Sean Christian Cummings
Nadine Rose Hanhan
Doctoral Degree in Applied Economics
Daniel Bigelow
Yunguang Chen
Flavius Badau
Mindy Crandall
Kim Hall
Xiaojuan Zheng