David Lewis

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Office: 541-737-1334

Ballard Extension Hall

Ballard Extension Hall 200A

2591 SW Campus Way

2591 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Fields: Environmental and resource economics, land use, conservation, ecosystem services, climate change and natural resources, non-market valuation.

I specialize in environmental and natural resource economics. My research concerns the intersection between land use and ecosystem service provision. I use microeconomic theory and micro-econometric tools to study how landowners make decisions, how land-use decisions affect ecosystem services, how the public values ecosystem services, and how policy can be designed to internalize externalities associated with land-use decisions. My empirical applications have focused on topics such as land-use change, land conservation, lakeshore development, biodiversity management, forest management under climate change, protected areas and open-space, coastal ecosystem service provision, salmon conservation, organic agriculture, land development impacts on water withdrawals, and invasive species management in lakes.

For a list of my research publications please see my Vita and also refer to my Google Scholar page.

For more detailed information on my projects, please visit my research projects webpage (the link is http://www.science.oregonstate.edu/~lewisda/projects.htm).

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Applied Economics
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Microeconomic Theory I (AEC 512) Advanced Econometrics II (AEC 626) Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (AREC 250)

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