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Fields: Endangered species conservation, conservation on private land, non-market valuation, economics of education

I love teaching environmental and natural resource economics. I am rewarded when students grapple with the opportunities and challenges of managing our natural resources for future generations and making the unavoidable tradeoffs between human wants and environmental integrity. I teach classes in natural resource economics, environmental policy, law, and economics, non-market valuation, and conservation on private land. I have also taught classes in econometrics and sustainable natural resource management.

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Big trout on small flies, winter steelhead, and just about any other pursuit involving a fly rod are never far from my thoughts and plans.  I also enjoy swimming, hiking, yoga, gardening, and white water rafting.


I earned a Ph.D. from University of Wyoming in 1986 and joined the New Mexico State University faculty. In 1988, I joined the Economics Department at Oregon State University. I left OSU as Economics Professor Emeritus in 2007 and served as Senior Resource Economist for The Wilderness Society from 2006-2012. In 2014, I joined the Applied Economics Department at OSU as Professor.

My Publications


Journal Article

C. Langpap and Kerkvliet, J., Endangered Species Conservation on Private Land: Assessing the Effectiveness of Habitat Conservation Plans, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 64, no. 1, pp. 1 - 15, 2012.


Journal Article

C. Langpap and Kerkvliet, J., Allocating Conservation Resources Under The Endangered Species Act, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 92, no. 1, pp. 110 - 124, 2010.


Journal Article

Y. Du, McMullen, B., and Kerkvliet, J., The economic impact of the ATA/Southwest Airlines code-share agreement, Research in Transportation Economics, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 51 - 60, 2008.