Gilbert Sylvia

Director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station
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Office: 541-867-0284

Gil Sylvia is a Marine Resource Economist, Director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES) and Professor in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, Oregon State University.  His research focuses on fishery and aquaculture management and policy, seafood marketing, and bioeconomic modeling.  Gil has published in numerous economic and fishery management journals and consulted in a variety of national and international fishery and aquaculture projects.   

As Director of COMES, the largest applied marine research group in Oregon, he has worked in close collaboration with the fishing/seafood industry, coastal communities, and management agencies to increase benefits from utilizing and sustaining West Coast marine resources. COMES partnerships and signature programs include the Pacific Whiting Project, Molluscan Broodstock Program, Marine Mammal Institute, Community Seafood Initiative, Surimi Technology School, Astoria Seafood Laboratory, Salmon Ecology Initiative, and Project CROOS (Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon).  Since its existence in 1988, COMES research has generated more than $100 million in economic impacts and produced more than 300 jobs for Oregon and Pacific Northwest coastal communities.

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