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David Kling
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Nathanial Uriah Trull


  • Ph.D. expected 2022/2023; Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Dissertation committee: Junjie Wu (chair), Steven Dundas, Kassahun Melesse, and Nadia Streletskaya
  • Fields of interests: Water Economics, Environmental Economics, and Agricultural Economics
  • Dissertation Title: Agricultural Water Use Under Climate Change: Water Rights, Alternative Policies, and Their Welfare Implications.
  • Education:
    • M.S., Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, 2017
    • B.S., Agricultural Economics, University of Kentucky, 2015


Yuhan Wang

  • Ph.D. expected Spring 2023; Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Dissertation committee: Dave Lewis (Chair), Christian Langpap, Steve Dundas, and Yong Chen
  • Fields of interests: Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Change and Natural Disasters, Open Space Conservation
  • Job Market Paper Title: Recent Climate Change Has Lowered the Economic Value of Natural Resources: Evidence from Drought Stress, Wildfires, and Western U.S. Timberland
  • Education:
    • M.S., Applied Economics, Oregon State University, 2020
    • M.S., Population, Resources, and Environmental Economics, Beijing Normal University, 2018
    • B.S., Agricultural, Forestry Economics and Management, Beijing Forestry University, 2015

Zichu Zhao

CV, Website

  • Ph.D. expected Spring 2023; Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Dissertation committee: Dave Lewis (Chair), Christian Langpap (Co-chair), Jen Alix-Garcia, and Steve Dundas
  • Fields of interests: Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics
  • Dissertation Title: Econometric Analysis of Private Decisions on Renewable Resources
  • Job Market Paper Title: Examining the Effectiveness of Nonprofit Groups’ Expenditures on Species Recovery: the Case of Pacific Salmon and Steelhead
  • Education:
    • M.S., Agriculture, Environmental, and Development Economics, the Ohio State University, 2017
    • B.S., Economics, Hunan University, 2015