Welcome to the Applied Experimental Economics Lab (AEELab)

The Applied Experimental Economics Lab (AEELab) is a research lab within the Applied Economics department at Oregon State University, dedicated to enhancing our understanding of how people and firms think about economic decisions, deal with questions of inequality and fairness, make consumption choices, react to taxes, subsidies, among some of the research areas.

AEELab is located in 316 Ballard Extension Hall, OSU Corvallis Campus. Anyone (including students, OSU staff, and people not affiliated with OSU) can register to become a participant at the AEELab and receive information about studies currently taking place.

Once registered, you can pick the studies that you are interested in participating in, and schedule your participation for one of the available time slots. All studies on the website are described in terms of their duration, participation payment, and any other requirements associated with taking part in the particular research project.

Register here to participate in an AEELab experiment


Contact Nadia Streletskaya for more information