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Professor Emeritus Emery Castle, who was given a lifetime achievement award in 2017 from the College of Agricultural Sciences, died in October 2017.  To honor his memory with a donation to the scholarship fund with his name, click here.


Economics helps us understand the decisions that people make, the problems that society faces, and how to formulate effective solutions to address them.  Our students acquire cutting-edge analytical and quantitative skills, and the market for our graduates is very strong. We are very lucky to have such an outstanding group of faculty and staff to support our research, extension, teaching, career advising and placement.  However, maintaining and growing these missions requires continuous investment.

We rely on the support of alumni who donate their time, energy and resources to help keep our program on the cutting edge of applied economics. Many of our alumni are actively involved with the department. If you are one of them, thank you so much for your continued support. If not, we invite you to help us make us an even better place for academicians, practitioners, students, and friends to thrive.

There are many ways that you can help. The most direct way to provide your support is with a charitable donation to the Applied Economics General Fund. Donations to this fund will help us provide scholarships to graduates and undergraduates, support faculty providing key instructional services, push ahead cutting-edge research in agriculture, environment, and international development, and deliver key services to help prepare our students for the future.  We also have a series of specific scholarship funds to which you can donate directly.

Please help by donating today—and thank you very much!

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