AMP Costs and Funding Opportunities

Undergraduate Versus Graduate Tuition Rates

Forty-five credits are required for the completion of a Master's degree. Students are allowed to apply a maximum of nine graduate credits taken as an undergraduate to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees. Undergraduate students continue to pay undergraduate tuition for 500-level courses until their undergraduate requirements are met (an exception is that Ecampus courses taken as part of the AMP program, such as an AEC 5xx Ecampus course, will be charged at a higher, graduate tuition rate).  The remaining thirty-six credits (one year of full-time study) will be charged at a graduate tuition rate.

AMP programs do not currently offer a discount for Ecampus graduate courses.  Undergraduate AMP students should be aware that Ecampus courses taken as part of the AMP program will be charged at a higher, graduate tuition rate.  For more information, please see the Graduate School’s Frequently Asked Questions for the Accelerated Master's Platform:

Students enrolled in an AMP will be eligible for financial aid (Pell Grant) until they complete their undergraduate degree. Once the undergraduate degree requirements are met, the student may be supported on a graduate teaching or research assistantship, or the student will pay graduate tuition and fees.

How to apply? See here

Scholarships and Fellowships (AMP students are eligible during their fifth year when they are considered master's students)

◊ Emery Castle Scholarships

◊ Robert Johnson Fellowship

◊ JD Rowell Fellowship  (For students interested in AFBM)

◊ Other OSU Grad fellowships that are competitive with other units on campus

◊ Other grant support from faculty grants or GTA support

The Department of Applied Economics' full list of financial support opportunities are listed here.

Learn more about financing your education at the Office of Financial Aid.