Past Placements

The Department of Applied Economics has a long history of helping graduate students from around the world realize their potential.  The department awarded its first M.S. degree in 1935 and first Ph.D. degree in 1949.  A sample of more recent initial placements is below.
Last Name First Name Degree Year Initial Placement Dissertation or Master's Thesis/Project
Dame Russel PhD 2023 Economist, NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center Three Essays on Recreation Demand for Saltwater Fisheries in Alaska
Lowe Mackenzie Ashely PhD 2023 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Hawaii Understanding the New Outdoor Recreation Paradigm in the Era of Social Media and Increasing Public Health Advisories
Wang Yuhan PhD 2023 Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University Empirical Analyses of the Impact of Climate-induced Natural Disturbances on the Economic Value of U.S. Forest
Zhao Zichu PhD 2023 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Le Moyne College Econometric Analysis of Private Decisions on Renewable Natural Resources
Hadziomerspahic Amila PhD 2022 EPA, National Center for Environmental Economics Valuing Coastal Risk with Revealed and Stated Preference Methods
Johnson Kelsey PhD 2022 Postdoctoral Scholar, Boise State Empirical Analyses of Forestry Interactions with Climate Uncertainty and Threatened Species
Natanson Alexander PhD 2022 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Wisconsin Applied Economic Strategies to Evaluate Policy and Environmental Outcomes: Case Studies from Immigration and Ecosystem Services
Weerasekara Nadeeka PhD 2022 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Idaho, Boise Consumer Food Choices: Three Essays on the Importance of Option Saliency, Peer and Expert Information, and Uncertainty
Fouzia Sultana PhD 2021

Postdoctoral Scholar, California Policy Lab at UC Berkeley

An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Climate-related Disasters on the Regional Economy
Guerrero Isabel PhD 2021 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Lima, Perú Agrobiodiversity Conservation Planning in Centers of Origin: The Role of Culture
Kulkarni Kedar PhD 2021 Assistant Professor (tenure track), Dept. of Economics, Azim Premji University, India Quantifying Vulnerability of Agricultural Systems in India to Weather Extremes
Rossi David PhD 2021 Research Associate, North Carolina State University A Microeconomic Analysis of Wildfire Suppression Programs in the Western United States
Shi Jian PhD 2021 Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources, Renmin University of China Effects of Water Scarcity, Climate Variability, and Risk Management Policy on Adaptive Agricultural Production Decisions
Adams Chase MS 2021 Credit Officer, Northwest Farm Credit Services Oregon Wine Grape Growers’ Participation Rates in USDA Subsidized Insurance
Hussain Lima MS 2021 Analyst, Cadeo Group, Portland, OR

Estimating the Influence of the Urban Heat Island Effect on Housing Prices

Cho Seojin PhD 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University

Price-Endogenous Farm Technology Adoption and Ex-Ante Economic Impact Assessment

Nguyen Tu PhD 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar, Dalhousie University

Three Essays on the Economics of Habitat and Landscape Restoration

Ray Srabashi PhD 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar, Purdue University

Impact Evaluation of Agricultural Inputs on Productivity, Profitability and Food Security in Rural Tanzania: Ex-post and Ex-ante Analysis

Weinerman Michael PhD 2020 Senior Research Analyst, Criminal Justice Commission, State of Oregon Animal Farming, Pollution, and Community Health
Kato Nozomi MS 2020 Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Japan Impacts of Climate Change on Fuel Management Decisions and Implications for Fire Risk
Kratzer Aaron MS 2020

PhD student, U. of California Berkeley

Is Colony Collapse Disorder Real? Testing and Separating Worker Bee Disappearance

Lowe Ashley MS 2020 PhD student, Oregon State University

The Instagram Effect: Is Social Media Changing our Demand for Public Land?

Thompson Charles MS 2020 PhD student, Oregon State University

Effects of the Little Ice Age on Fuel Prices

Wang Yuhan MS 2020

PhD student, Oregon State University

Fiscal Impacts of Open Space Conservation in U.S. Urban Areas

Zimmerman Grant MS 2020 Associate, WestWater Research Estimating the Value of Water for Irrigation in Deschutes County, Oregon Utilizing a Hedonic Pricing Model
Beasley Jason PhD 2019 Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University Beaches, Wine, and Weed: Economic Implications of Land Use Changes in Oregon
Li An PhD 2019 Assistant Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China Economic Analysis of U.S. Agricultural Labor Markets
Finer Cassie PhD 2019 Research Analyst/Product Manager, YES Energy An Empirical Analysis of Climate and Risk on Rural Productive Land


Smit PhD 2019

Postdoctoral Fellow, Future Oceans Lab, University of Vigo

Two Essays on the Management of the West Coast Salmon Fishery
Marshall Laura MS 2019 Project Associate, ECONorthwest Drivers of Deconstruction: An Economic Analysis of Dam Removal in the United States
Adhikari Roshan PhD 2018 Research Associate, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, UK Assessment of Climate Impacts and Adaptation Measures in Agriculture: An Integrated Modeling Approach
Long Dede PhD 2018 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, California State University - Long Beach The Impacts of Urban Environmental Policies on Infant Birth Weight: Integrating Health and Sorting Models
Mihiar Chris PhD 2018 Postdoctoral Scholar, U.S. Forest Service and Oregon State University An Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Forest Land Value and Broad Land-use Change
Sloggy Matthew PhD 2018 Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Agricultural Economics, Colorado State University Advances in Modeling Natural Resource Management under Uncertainty: Forest Mortality, Policy Design, and the Value of Information
Dickson Caleb PhD 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University Examining Agricultural Household Welfare through Output Marketing Choices and Land Market Efficiency: Evidence from Rural India
Hashida Yukiko PhD 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies How Does Climate Change Adaptation and Carbon Price Policy Affect Forested Landscapes? An Empirical Analysis of Forest Management under Climate Change on the U.S. West Coast
Lauer Chris PhD 2017 Office of the Chief Economist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  Determining Optimal Timber Harvest and Fuel Treatment on a Fire-threatened Landscape Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
Weerasooriya Senal PhD 2017 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Business Management, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka General Equilibrium Analysis of the U.S. Farm Bill
Yu Jialing PhD 2017 Assistant Professor, Renmin University, China Welfare Effects of the Federal Crop Insurance Program: The Sufficient Statistics Approach
Cusack Chris PhD  2016 Kravis Postdoctoral Science Fellow, Environmental Defense Fund Bioeconomic Simulation Modeling of Fisheries : Three Essays
Cvitanovich Clare MS 2016 Faculty Research Asst, Oregon State Univiversity Updated Recreation Use Values Database: Meta-regression and Comparative Analysis
Wu Xiurou MS 2016 PhD student, U. of California Davis How Does Income Inequality Affects Community Economic Resilience?
Bigelow Daniel PhD 2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics, Montana State University How Do Population Growth, Land-use Regulations, and Precipitation Patterns Affect Water Use? A Fine-scale Empirical Analysis of Landscape Change
Chen Yunguang PhD 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, Resources for the Future (RFF), Washington, DC Essays on Regional Economic Impact Assessment and Demand Analysis using Disaggregated Data
Cummings Sean MS 2015 Procurement Forester, Georgia-Pacific LLC, Philomath, OR Climate Change Considerations for Determining Optimal Timber Rotation
Davis Jacob MS 2015 Econometric Consultant, Bates White Economic Consulting Endangered Species Conservation Funding Analysis and Optimization
Hagimoto Toru PhD 2015 Econometrician\Market Analyst, MarketShare, Japan Essays of Land Use Changes, Open Space, and Water Pollution
Hanhan Nadine MS 2015 Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon Greening the Grid: The Cost-Effectiveness of Residential Solar Programs in Oregon
Kovski Nicole MS 2015 PhD student, Evans School, Univ of Washington Recreational Boating and the Spread of Eurasian Water Milfoil – Determinants of Boater Demand and the Costs of Prevention Efforts in Wisconsin
Smith Tiffany MS 2015 Analyst, Sightlines Facilities Assets Advisors The Market Opportunity Costs of Retiring Cropland: A Case Study in Eastern Oregon
Way Jenna MS 2015 Credit Officer Trainee, Northwest Farm Credit Services A Method to Assess the Tradeoffs between Farm Profits and Environmental Quality Outcomes
Zhang Hongliang PhD 2015 Faculty, Renmin University, Beijing Outcome Distributions in Impact Assessment: Climate Change and Technology Adoption in Pacific Northwest Agriculture
Ainsworth Joel MS 2014 Associate, EcoNorthwest RINs and Biofuel Mandates: Comparing Ethanol and Biodiesel Markets
Badau Flavius PhD 2014 Research Economist, Economic Resource Service, USDA, Washington DC Climate change and Trade in a Globalized World
Carroll Joanna Michelle MS 2014 PhD student, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Did the Great Recession Change SNAP Participation Behavior? A Panel Analysis of Two Oregon Snap Participant Cohorts
Choi Jangho PhD 2014 Korea International Economic Policy Institute, Seoul, Korea Multi-Product Firms' Productivity and Export Behavior
Crandall Mindy PhD 2014 Assist Professor, College of Forestry, University of Maine, Orono The Effects of Increased Supply and Emerging Technologies in the Forest Products Industry on Rural Communities
Gjesdahl Jacob Eric MS 2014 Business Plan Drafter, Bristol Design, Seattle, WA Improved Viewshed Modeling for Estimating Effects of Neighboring Land Uses on Property Values
Gulpen Sam Franciscus MS 2014 Operations Mgr, Precoa Insurance, Portland OR Using Country-Level Forest Coverage to Analyze the Existence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve
Hall Kim PhD 2014 Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University Optimal Spatial-Dynamic Resource Allocation Decisions Facing Uncertainty: Integrating Economics and Ecology for Invasive Species Policy
Latane Annah Martchen MS 2014 Research Fellow, Research Triangle Institute, NC An Exploration of Water Quality in the United States Using an Environmental Kuznets Curve Framework
Lim Youngah PhD 2014 Postdoctoral Scholar, Oregon State University Cost-Efficient Management of Aquatic Invasive Species: Application to New Zealand Mudsnails in the Pacific Northwest
Mc Caulou Jeffrey C MS 2014 Large-database management, Albany, OR Estimating a Juniper Biomass Supply from Private Rangelands: The Impact of Distance and Biotic Factors on Costs
Oakley Winston MS 2014 Highland Economics, Portland OR Maximizing Urban Property Values Through Open Space Conservation
Vena Marielle Rose MS 2014 Membership Associate, Costco, Katy, TX The Shifting Determinants of the Unemployment Rate During Recession and Recovery
West Tyler Theodore MS 2014 Management Trainee, Cenex Harvest States, Minneapolis, MM An Investment Valuation and Risk Assessment of High-Density Sweet Cherry Orchards
Zhang Xin MS 2014 Analyst, Apple Inc., Sunnyvale, CA An Economic Model of Search and Matching in International Trade
Zheng Xiaojuan PhD 2014 Economist, Dell Corp, Austin TX A Computable General Equilibrium Model with Applications for the Pacific Northwest
Anderson William James MS 2013 Staff Economist, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Net Farm Income Determinants and the Role of Water Development Projects
Bu Meidan PhD 2013 Predictive Analytics Modeler, Microsoft, Seattle, WA Spatial Heterogeneity, Meta-analysis and Spatial Dependency: Three Essays on Environmental Valuation and Spatial Land Management Decisions
Hodgin Elizabeth Dee MS 2013 Intern to Executive VP of Operations, Whole Foods Corporation Impact of Price and Color Availability on Fair Trade and Organic Apparel Choice
Holder Daniel Ross MS 2013 Commodity Analyst, Energy Consulting Branch, Schneider-Electric Determinants of Household Vehicle Miles Traveled in Oregon
Kalinin Alexey V MS 2013 PhD student, Environment and Resources, Nelson Institute, Univ of Wisconsin Right as Rain? The Value of Water in Willamette Valley Agriculture
Li Cheng PhD 2013 Risk Analyst, Compass BVA Bank, Montgomery, AL Essays on Nursery Labor, Sales Contracts, and Price Discovery
Miller Jason MS 2013 Consultant, Intel Inc., Portland, OR The Economics of Commodity Promotion in the Hazelnut Industry 
Qin Lin PhD 2013 Analyst, Rentrak Global Media Research, Portland, OR The Economics of a Research Program: Knowledge Production, Cost, and Technical Efficiency
Ritter Daniel James MS 2013 PhD student, Michigan State University The Economic Value of Native Pollinators in Regard to Oregon Blueberry Production
Schiek Ben MS 2013 Consultant, CGIAR Centers Modeling the Praxis of Climate Change and Farmer Adaptation: A Kenya Case Study Combining the Ricardian and TOA-MD Methodologies
Swanson Joshua James MS 2013 Analyst, Verizon, Salem OR The Economic Feasibility of Small-Scale Aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest 
Weerasooriya Senal Alexander MS 2013 PhD student, Applied Econ, Oregon State University Exchange Rate Dynamics and the Trade Balance: The Case of Sri Lanka
Bell Lauren A MS 2012 Research and Analysis Manager / Operations Research Analyst, State of Montana, Office of Public Instruction, Helena, MT Estimating Recreation Losses from Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
bin Salam Sakib MS 2012 Associate, Strategic Consulting, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Washington DC Is There Still a Southwest-Effect? – A Study of Southwest Airline’s Pricing Strategies
Campbell Robert Marshall MS 2012 PhD student, College of Forestry & Conservation, University of Montana Economic Analysis of Coho Salmon Habitat Restoration at Winter Lake, Lower Coquille River, Oregon
Deka Rishiraj MS 2012 PhD student, Health Policy, University of Utah Wind, Solar and Wave Energy: A Comparative Review and Cost-Benefit Study
Dempsey Judith Andrea PhD 2012 Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC Three Essays on the Effectiveness of Oregon’s Land-Use Planning System: Economic Analysis with Quasi-Experimental Methods
Guerrero Ochoa Isabel Graciela MS 2012 PhD student, Oregon State University An Econometric Analysis of Output Supply and Input Demand in the Oregon Softwood Lumber and Plywood Industries
Kim Taeyoung PhD 2012 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Three Essays on Private Landowners’ Response to Incentives for Carbon Sequestration through Forest Management and Afforestation
Lee Yohan MS 2012 Researcher, College of Forestry, Oregon State University Changing Housing Density in the Rural Midwest
Olen Beau MS 2012 Faculty Researcher, Applied Economics, Oregon State University Irrigation Choices for Major West Coast Crops: Water Scarcity and Climatic Determinants
Siegel Ryan PhD 2012 Instructor, Applied Economics, Oregon State University Three Essays on Constrained Markets
Smith Braeton MS 2012 PhD student, Mineral & Energy Econ, Colorado School of Mines The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Fuel-Switching in Electricity Generation
Wiggins Seth Tyler MS 2012 Economic Analyst, Cenex/Harvest States, Minneapolis, MN Pacific Northwest Rangeland Carbon Sequestration
Wu Caiwen PhD 2012 Economist, Bank of America Essays on Location Decisions and Carbon Sequestration Strategy of U.S. Firms
Bignell Wesley MS 2011 PhD student, Univ of Washington Are farms that supply local markets different?
Biswas Smita PhD 2011 Assistant Vice President, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC The economics of forest-dependent regions
Brekken Christine Marie Anderson MS 2011 PhD student, Oregon State University Can we have our (safe and local) cake and eat it too? Oregon re-crafts food safety regulations for farm direct marketed foods
Eckstein Nathan MS 2011 Operations Analyst, Erickson Air-Crane, Inc. The relationship between vehicle miles traveled and economic activity
Haim David PhD 2011 Postdoctoral Scholar, College of Forestry, Oregon State University Three essays on the economics of climate change, land use and carbon sequestration
Lewin Paul PhD 2011 Moody Analytics Three essays on food security, food assistance, and migration
Vasquez-Caballero Smit MS 2011 PhD student, Oregon State University Farm and non-farm impact of migration to USA on rural Mexico
Yoo Chun-Kwon PhD 2011 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Seoul, Korea

Three essays on trade liberalization and Korean agriculture

Datta Saurabh PhD 2010 Econometrician, Summit Consulting, Washington DC Three essays on the economics of malaria
Grout Cyrus PhD 2010 Research Consultant, Center For Education Data and Research, Seattle, WA Land use policy and property value
Li Man PhD 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC Essays on land-use change, carbon sequestration and emissions in China
Moon Hanpil PhD 2010 Korea Rural Economic Institute, Seoul, Korea Three essays on international trade and regional productivity
Sechrist Bret MS 2010 PhD student, Stanford University

Crop choice and conservation : implications of increased biofuel demand

Xu Wenchao PhD 2010 Postdoctoral Scholar, Boise State University Essays on the interactions between land use, natural amenity and wildfire risk
Zheng Xiaojuan MS 2010 PhD student, Applied Econ, Oregon State University

The elasticity of excess demand for United States crop exports

Hall Kim MS 2009 PhD student, Applied Econ, Oregon State University

Cost analysis of quarantine zone size and control policy for an invasive forest pathogen

Huang Biao MS 2009 PhD student, Arizona State University

The value of short run in-stream temperature forecasts : An application to salmonids in the Klamath and John Day Rivers

Lin Haixia PhD 2009 Economist, Dell Corp, Austin, TX Essays on natural endowments, conservation policy, and community characteristics
Marre Alexander PhD 2009 Economist, USDA Economic Research Service Out-migration, income and poverty in nonmetropolitan America
Nag Sharmistha PhD 2009 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Natl Center for Applied Economic Research, New Delhi Essays in applied economics
Rada Nicholas PhD 2009 Economic Research Service, USDA International comparison and evaluation of agricultural productivity growth
Wang Chunhua PhD 2009 Postdoctoral Scholar, North Carolina State Univ Essays on environment and the spatial distribution of economic activities
Kim Sooil PhD 2008 Ministry of Agriculture, Seoul, Korea

Trade and productivity effects on firm behavior : The case of Korean manufacturing

Lai Jiayin PhD 2008 Quantitative Analyst, Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta, GA Essays on the economics of land use regulation
Maher Anna Tista MS 2008 PhD student, Environmental Sciences, Oregon State University

The economic impacts of sagebrush steppe wildfires on an eastern Oregon ranch

Saito Hisamitsu PhD 2008 Assistant Professor, Economics, Kyushu University Three essays on firm heterogeneity and regional development
Siegel Ryan MS 2008 PhD student, Oregon State University

Modeling Oregon's biodiesel subsidies and their potential effects on the Willamette Valley agricultural landscape

Todd Maribeth MS 2008 PhD student, Applied Econ, Oregon State University

Urban development in coastal Oregon : discrete-choice estimation with spatial autocorrelation

Broniak Christine MS 2007 Economist, Oregon Legislative Office, Salem, OR Land use and land-use change in the Rocky Mountain west
Min He PhD 2007 Economist, Dell Corporation, Austin, TX Political economy and trade effects of invasive species regulation: The case of noxious weeds
Peck Dannele Elaine PhD 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming Economics of drought preparedness and response in irrigated agriculture 
Ruan Jun PhD 2007 Postdoctoral Scholar, Iowa State University Essays on technology, trade, and welfare
Valcic (Turcin) Branka PhD 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks The economics of spatial choice and displacement: Case study of the Oregon bottom trawl groundfish fishery
Wang Chenggang PhD 2007 Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University Public investment policy and industry incentives in life science research
Dell Randal Scott MS 2006 Economist, Ducks Unlimited, Memphis, TN An exploratory economic analysis of the effects of regulation, hunter participation and harvest on migratory bird management
Echeverria Pezoa Rodrigo A PhD 2006 Assistant Professor, Universidad Austral de Chile Essays on productivity, economic geography and trade: The case of Chile
Eichman Henry N. MS 2006 USDA. Forest Service, Duluth, MN Northwest forest plan effects on county net migration and employment growth
Fonner Robert Marshall MS 2006 PhD student, University of New Mexico

Consumer preferences for seafood information attributes

Hascic Ivan PhD 2006 Research Economist, OECD Environment Directorate, Paris Essays on land use regulation
Rashford Benjamin Starr PhD 2006 Assistant Professor, Agr & Applied Econ, Univ of Wyoming Essays on the economics of wildlife management
Wirkkala (Hall) Teresa MS 2006 Economist, Entrix, Inc., Vancouver, WA

Business decisions for voluntary environmental management : motivations, actions, and outcomes

Cross Robin Michael PhD 2005 Research Associate, Oregon State University

Essays in incomplete agricultural markets

Lewis David James PhD 2005 Assistant Professor, Univ of Wisconsin Managing the spatial configuration of land: The economics of land use and habitat fragmentation
Smith Gordon MS 2005 International Specialist, California Tree Fruit Association

Commodity policies and acreage decisions in U.S. agriculture, 1990-2001

Ugrinska Monika MS 2005 Economic Consulting, Florida

Estimating the value of irrigation water transferred to instream flow : a case study of Umatilla County, Oregon

Yang Hui PhD 2005 Risk Analyst, HSBC Bank, Portland, OR

The supply and demand of university agricultural biotechnology research 

Burden Merrick MS 2004 Industry Economist, National Marine Fishery Service

Oregon coast cold storage : simulation modeling and optimal temperature management for efficient planning

Crandall Mindy S MS 2004 PhD student, Oregon State University

Employment growth, social capital, and spatial determinants of poverty change

Mc Fetridge Marc Vern MS 2004 Analytical Services Associates, AC Nielsen, Paramas, NJ

A demand system analysis of marketing strategies for apples and pears in the conventional supermarket environment

Sharp Jeffrey MS 2004 Planner, Napa County Conservation, Development, and Planning, CA

An economic comparison of three cattle grazing management strategies intended to improve riparian habitat and water quality

Tanaka Katsuya PhD 2004 Assistant Profossor, Department of Economics, Hiroshima University Essays on conservation policies and agricultural nonpoint source pollution control
Wyse Barbara MS 2004 Economist, Entrix, Inc., Vancouver, WA

Farm and community-level impacts of irrigation water supply reductions : a case study of Malheur County, Oregon

Yavapolkul Navin MS 2004 PhD student, University of California, Davis

Spatial price linkages between developed and developing countries : the case of rice and wheat markets

Andrade Diego MS 2003 International Development Agency, Ecuador

The impact of health and environmental motives and economic factors on the choice of organic produce

Langpap Christian Andres PhD 2003 Assistant Professor, Tulane University Modeling conservation incentives for private landowners
Li Yonghai MS 2003 Statistician, JP Morgan Chase Bank

Does third-country exchange rate affect bilateral trade?

Watanabe Michio PhD 2003 Economist, International Development Center, Tokyo A Spatially Explicit Model for Allocating Conservation Efforts: The Grande Ronde River Basin, Oregon
Wu Jing MS 2003 Investment Analyst, Deutschbank, Philadelphia

A comparison of box-cox and additive exponential models to estimate the depreciation of farm machinery

Aldrich Gwen MS 2002 PhD student, University of New Mexico The Economics of Western Juniper Management on Ranches Located in the John Day Ecological Province of North-Central Oregon
Cho Seong-Hoon PhD 2002 Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

Urbanization under uncertainty and land use regulations : theory and estimation

He Daifeng MS 2002 PhD student, Washington University of St. Louis  
Vega-Hidalgo Esteban Mauricio MS 2002 Head of Market Research, Coca-Cola Corp., Ecuador  
Xia Yin PhD 2002 Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia

Science and technology in cutting-edge agricultural biotechnology research

Burnes Ellen Irene PhD 2001 Assistant Professor, Tarleton State University

Three studies on the role of uncertainty in the valuation and management of renewable natural resources

Chen Li MS 2001 Financial Analyst, Transamerica Corp.

An economic analysis of changes in exclusive farm use regulations for homesteads in Oregon : a case study in Yamhill County

Henderson Erin MS 2001 Economic Consulting, Alexandria, VA

Agricultural cooperatives and their international business arrangements

Si Wenguang MS 2001 Soybean Futures Market Analyst, China China's soybean futures contract : China's integration with the U.S. soybean futures market
Bin Okmyung PhD 2000 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, East Carolina University

Estimation of implicit prices in hedonic price models: Flexible parametric versus additive nonparametric approach

Carver Jason MS 2000 Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA, Washington DC

Technological change and comparative advantage of the agricultural and food processing sectors

Lemieux Jason MS 2000 Consultant, HDR Consulting, Seattle, WA

Fisheries management policies and Japanese direct investment in the Alaska pollock fishery

Gancho Paula MS 1999 PAVIA, Pavimentos e Vias, Lisbon, Portugal

The impact of extended fisheries jurisdiction on global fishery markets : the case of Alaska pollock from the U.S. West Coast

Gentner Brad MS 1999 Economist, National Marine Fishery Service

Characteristics of public land grazing permittees

Heffner James MS 1999 Dept. Natural Resources & Conservation, Montana

Land and water values in Klamath County, Oregon : application of Hedonic Price Modeling

Ma Alyson MS 1999 PhD student, Univ of California, Davis

Determinants of exports and foreign direct investment in the U.S. manufacturing sector

Pavich Steve MS 1999 Foster-Wheeler Env Corp, Costa Mesa, CA

Using GIS to analyze the relationships between open space and property values

Saito Yoko MS 1999 PhD student, Agric Econ, Univ of Hokkaido  
Vossler Christian MS 1999 PhD, Cornell University

A nonexperimental test of the contingent valuation method : comparing hypothetical and actual voting behavior

Xia Yin MS 1999 PhD Student, Oregon State University

Technology structure and productivity change in the U.S. meat products industry

Burke Susan Melissa PhD 1998 Economist, CH2MHill, Sacramento, CA  
Larkin Sherry Lynn PhD 1998 Postdoctoral Scholar, Sea Grant Program, University of Florida

The multidimensional role of intrinsic quality in the management of natural resources : a bioeconomic analysis of the Pacific whiting fishery

Mooney Sian PhD 1998 Postdoctoral Scholar, Montana State University A cost effectiveness analysis of actions to reduce stream temperature : a case study of the Mohawk watershed
Shin Soung-Kook PhD 1998 Postdoctoral Scholar in health economics, Rutgers University

A nested logit model of the determinants of away-from-home food consumption

Skelton Katherine MS 1998 Environmental Economist, US Corps of Engineers, VA  
Tuininga Chris Robert MS 1998 Aon Consulting, New York, New York Contending with risk in the seafood processing industry : a bioeconomic portfolio analysis of the Pacific whiting fishery
Chan-Kang Connie MS 1997 International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC

R & D investment and productivity in the U.S. and Canadian food processing sectors

Faux John MS 1997 Engineer, Surface Water Resources Inc., Sacramento CA

Hedonic price analysis to reveal value of water in irrigation : an application to northern Malheur County, Oregon

Koong Dennis MS 1997 Deputy Regional Director for the USDA's National Ag Statistics Service Northwest Regional Field Office

Strategic investments in agricultural industries and Oregon's economic development

Seeley Harold MS 1997 Consultant, Northwest Economics Associates, Vancouver, WA  
Stillings Amy MS 1997 Economist, Pollution Permit Trading, ERG Inc., MA

The economic feasibility of off-stream water and salt to reduce grazing pressure in riparian areas