The Applied Economics Working Group meets weekly during the school year to hear presentations by faculty and graduate students. Researchers present their latest work as well as "works-still-in-progress." This leads to some lively and interesting discussions!

Please send any questions about these sessions or presentation inquiries to the working group coordinator, Steven Dundas.

Check Back in September for the Fall 2019 Schedule!
Schedule for Spring 2019 - All sessions meet in Ballard 219
Date Time Presenter Title
4/3 12-1 Steve Dundas, Asst. Professor, Applied Economics

 Working Group 2.0 - Where do we go from here?

4/10 12-1 Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Department Head and Professor, Applied Economics

Until the Cows Come Home? Evidence on the Sustainability of Voluntary Conservation Payments

4/24 12-1

John Woodill, Post-Doc, CEOAS

Adaptation and the Envelope Theorem
5/1 12-1 Rolf Fare, Emeritus Professor, Applied Economics Does the Public Sector have Market Power?
5/8 12-1 Lisa Gaines, Director, Institute for Natural Resources; and Janine Salwasser, Oregon Explorer Program Lead, Institute for Natural Resources Overview of the Institute for Natural Resources
5/15 12-1 Kassahun Melesse, Asst. Professor, Applied Economics Weather Risk, Contracts, and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Ethiopia
5/22 12-1 Patrick Mundler, Professor - Université Laval How Farm-Direct Marketing Fits within the Canadian Supply Management System
5/29 12-1 Seojin Cho, Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Economics

Impact of Domestic and Trade Policies on Adoption of a Biofuel Crop in Dryland Wheat-based Farming Systems in U.S. Pacific Northwest

6/5 12-1 Olli-Pekka Kuusela, Asst. Professor, College of Forestry Modeling Market-Level Effects of Disturbance Risks in Age-Structured Forests