Applied Economics Working Group Sessions

The Applied Economics Working Group meets weekly during the school year to hear presentations by faculty and graduate students. Researchers present their latest work, as well as "works-still-in-progress." This leads to lively and interesting discussions!

All Winter 2023 sessions are also available via Zoom.

Please send any questions about these sessions or presentation inquiries to the working group coordinator, Steven Dundas.

Schedule for Winter 2023

Please email seminar coordinator Steve Dundas for specific Zoom access information.

Date Time Room Presenter Title
1/25 12-1 Ballard 219

Steve Dundas, Associate Professor, Applied Economics

The Effect of Managed Retreat on Coastal Property Markets: Evidence from the NY Rising Buyout & Acquisition Program

2/8 12-1 Ballard 219 Dan Bigelow, Assistant Professor, Applied Economics

Does Use-Value Assessment Actually Constrain Land Development?

2/22 12-1 Ballard 219 Emma Gjerdseth, PhD Candidate, Applied Economics

Storms, Mangroves, and Local Livelihoods

3/8 12-1 Ballard 219 Alejandro Abarca, PhD Candidate, Applied Economics

Do Police Interventions Reduce Crime? Evidence from Costa Rica

3/10 10-11 Ballard 219 Andrew Hutchens, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University Analyzing Market and Utility Characteristics' Effects on Gas Stations' Vehicle Charging Market Entry
3/15 12-1 Ballard 219 Charles Thompson, PhD Candidate, Applied Economics

Social Preference and Voluntary Donation to Climate Mitigation