ABM Major Changed to AFBM to Reflect Importance of Food Systems on Agriculture

As of July 2019, the undergraduate ABM (Agricultural Business Management) major is now known as the AFBM (Agricultural and Food Business Management) major!

When the Agricultural Business Management major was established over thirty years ago, the major had a focus on production agriculture and the management of farms, ranches, nurseries, and businesses that directly served these agricultural enterprises (e.g., seed, feed and chemical input suppliers, agricultural lending and farm credit agencies, rural property appraisers, etc.). The past ten years have seen considerable changes to the nature and dynamics of agricultural and food systems in the US and beyond.

Commodity agriculture remains the dominant model, yet new market demands are requiring a more diverse perspective and skill set for everyone involved in the agricultural and food industries. Consumer demands are having profound and lasting effects on the profitability and viability of every firm that contributes to the food system that serves these consumers. Agricultural and food systems are more inter-dependent, and we offer students a major that reflects this new market dynamic. Most importantly, the change in the name of the major reflects the already substantial shift in focus of the courses that are contained within it; students already learn about food systems, and their degree designation should reflect this.