Ecampus AEC 406 Senior Projects


Below are examples of Ecampus AEC 406 senior projects from recent terms

Winter 2019

Bryan Berdeen: A Brief Research Review on the Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste: Setting the Ground Work for Pilot Testing Final Paper

Nicole Raphael: Socioeconomic and Environmental Implications of Local Food Networks in Guam Final Paper

Fall 2018

Katie Bewley: A Review of Oregon's Manufactured Housing Policies Final Paper

Luis Martinez-Salinas: How Does Vine Density Affect Pinot Noir Grape Quality and Price? Final Paper

Katherine Thomas: Socioeconomic and Environmental Consequences of Military Base Closures Final Paper

Spring 2018

Abbey Fluckiger: What are the Determinants, Economic and Socio-economic Outcomes of Agritourism in the U.S.? Final Paper

Spencer Stauffer: Allocation of Conserved Water Program: An Analysis of its History and Data Final Paper

Fall 2017

Diana Broadaway: Socioeconomic Implications of Community-Supported Agriculture and Farmers’ Markets For Consumers Final Paper

Summer 2017

Christopher J. Wilhelm: Identifying Issues for Minority and Ethnic Immigrant Business Owners in Seattle, WA in Leveraging Market and Social Capital Final Paper

Spring 2017

Nathan Biasotti: Asbestos Abatement for Business Owners: Identifying a Least-Cost Approach Final Paper

Summer 2016

Scott Auld: What are the causes and timing of loss for insured crops in the U.S. Pacific Northwest? Final Paper *Publication in Choices Magazine*

Caitlin E. Smith: Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled: Amazon Prime Now Versus Private Shopping Trips Final Paper

Spring 2016

Laura Ginn: Reducing the Cost of Waste Naturally: A Consumer's Guide to Wetland Wastewater Treatment Final Paper