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Some students wish to participate in an International Study Experience (AEC 402) as part of their undergraduate program. While many students complete part of their program abroad, in order for that to satisfy the experiential learning requirement, the student must document how their foreign study will contribute to knowledge and experience relative to their major in ways that could not have been obtained by following courses here at OSU. Agreement Form

Applied Economics often offers classes in other countries. Recent examples have included trips to France, Chile, and the Netherlands. There are also opportunities to study abroad with other departments on campus, or even with other universities. We are hopefully going to France  again sometime soon!

In the summer of 2017, students and faculty from OSU's Honors College (including students and faculty from Applied Economics) traveled to France to experience the rich culture, food, and history. Similar trips occurred in 2016 and 2018. A summer trip to France was scheduled for 2020 but was canceled due to Covid-19.  Stay tuned for details on upcoming trips. 

OSUHC Program in France 2017



Additional Opportunities for International Studies associated with the College of Agricultural Sciences

The Lincoln University / OSU exchange is the College of Agricultural Science's flagship program.  Established in 1975, scores of students have "traded places" for an international experience during their degree programs due to the ease of transferring credits between our very similar institutions. 

Lincoln, New Zealand, Exchange Program


The College of Agricultural Sciences often offers a 2 credit seminar-style class during winter quarter on important and contemporary issues facing global agriculture.  There is also a companion Educational Tour in August or September for 2 additional credits to experience first-hand the multiple dimensions of agriculture in a particular country or region.  Past Educational Tours have taken students to China, Italy, Australia, France, and more!

Exploring World Agriculture


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