Major in Agricultural and Food Business Management

How does your local food system interact with the global marketplace? What knowledge and skills do you need in the current agriculture and food industries? Majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management allows you to answer these questions and more. You will ask and answer interesting questions about agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and the environment. In addition, you will help to identify solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

With a degree in Agricultural and Food Business Management, you will be an expert at navigating the important intersection of business and agriculture. It is no longer enough to understand how agriculture and food systems worked yesterday and today. We will give you the tools and skills you will need to handle the problems you will face in the future.

Our approach is to combine practical skills (marketing, finance, management) with rigorous theory.  With this degree, you will have a set of skills in theory, methods, and communication that are highly sought by employers in agribusinesses, food systems, and banking.   Or bring your skills from your Agricultural and Food Business Management right to the farm. In short, this degree is a springboard to a variety of rewarding careers!

Why Should YOU Major in Agricultural and Food Business Management?


You must take and pass (with a C- or higher) a core group of classes that will provide you with the economics, policy, marketing, management, and finance skills you will need for success.

You also get to choose upper level electives that will allow you to study with a broad focus or narrow in on your area of interest.

Finally, you must complete an experiential learning offering – either an academic research project or an internship.

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