Scholarships and Endowments

Applied Economics Scholarships and Endowments

Robert Johnson Fellowship Fund

Given to graduate students "for the purpose of promoting and encouraging study, research, and investigation in the field of agricultural economics and allied subjects by qualified and worthy graduate students" at Oregon State University. The amounts may vary from $3,000 to the equivalent of a full-time graduate research assistantship.

Susanne Szentandrasi Fellowship

The fund was established in 1997 in the memory of Susanne Szentandrasi a former graduate student in Agricultural and Resource Economics. Recipient must be enrolled in or accepted to study in the area of resource and environmental economics and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for all college work. 

Albert N. Halter Endowed Fellowship

Established by former students in the memory of Albert N. Halter, professor in Agricultural Economics from 1960-76. The award will be given to an AEC graduate student with a cumulative GPA for college work of 3.0 or above. Preference will be given to students interested in production economics, risk management, or utility economics.

D. Barton DeLoach Distinguished Graduate Fellowships

Two are awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding graduate students in Applied Economics, Economics, and Forest Resources. The awards are given annually in the amounts of $5,000 and $15,000. The awards can be given in addition to a GRA.

Emery Castle Graduate Scholarship in Economics

It is awarded annually to a student in the Applied Economics, Economics, or Forest Resources who has demonstrated excellence as a student and shows promise of performing well as a graduate student at OSU and as a career economist. Both domestic and international students are eligible for this $2,500 scholarship.

Eric Englund Memorial Post-Graduate Scholarship

The award is given annually to graduates of Oregon State University for postgraduate study in agricultural economics or home economics. The total stipend amount is approximately $4,000 and usually is divided between at two candidates; one from each department.

Charles E. and Clara Marie Eckelman Graduate Fellowships

Designated for students in the College of Agricultural Sciences pursuing research with an emphasis on the dairy industry and a demonstrated desire to work in the dairy industry upon graduation. Criteria include demonstrated exceptional scholarship performance; potential to conduct original high quality research relevant to the dairy industry; qualities of citizenship, leadership, character, and participation in campus and community activities.

The Rachel and Harold Hollands Scholarship Award

This scholarship of $500 is awarded each year to a student in Art and a student in Applied Economics. Originally it was awarded on an every-other-year basis to each department. Selection of the awardee is made by the departmental undergraduate committee. The criteria used for selection is financial need for assistance; scholarship achievement; good character, and U.S. citizenship.

LeRoy Breithaupt Memorial Scholarship

This award was made possible through a gift to the OSU Foundation by Mrs. LeRoy Breithaupt in memory of her husband. The amount varies based on income from the endowment. The purpose of the award is to recognize and reward an outstanding junior or senior studying in Applied Economics. LeRoy Breithaupt was the first county Extension agent in Harney County from 19l4-1915. He also served in Malheur County 1920-1925. From 1926-1951 he was the Extension Market News and Marketing Specialist in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Ermine L. and Norma Olson Potter Memorial Fund

The income from this endowment fund is to be used to assist needy and deserving students in applied economics. The amount awarded will vary depending on the income amount and may be given to more than one student in a year.

The E.L. Potter Scholarship Fund

This award was made possible through a gift to the OSU Foundation by Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wilcox in memory of E.L. "Dad" Potter (former head of Agricultural Economics Department). The award is to provide tuition support to either an undergraduate or graduate student in Applied Economics. Donations will be random and inconsistent. Scholarships will be awarded when funds are sufficient to do so. The income from this endowment fund is to be used to assist needy and deserving students in applied economics. The amount awarded will vary depending on the income amount and may be given to more than one student in a year.

D. Curtis Mumford Memorial Fund

This scholarship is to be awarded to an Applied Economics student completing his/her freshman year to be used in the subsequent academic (usually sophomore) year. The student should have at least a 3.0 GPA, evidence of good standing, education goal oriented, and career focused. The $500 scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student each year until the capital stock and accumulated interest earnings are expended.

William P. "Chip" Harris Memorial Scholarship

Award given to a student who will be a sophomore, junior, or senior next year. The student must have attended high school in Benton County for at least 2 years, have financial need, and be providing a minimum of one-half of their financial support. The award established in 1988 by the family of William P. Harris is for $1,000. Selection of the recipient shall be the responsibility of the Department of Applied Economics Undergraduate Scholarship Committee. Any discrepancies from the above criteria must be cleared with the Harris family.

Chambers-Eisgruber Fund

Supports conferences, seminars, guest speakers, workshops, development of case studies and farm applied research to provide and enhance knowledge pertaining to sustainable production, processing and marketing of food.

Fred Obermiller Memorial Scholarship

Provides a undergraduate scholarship for EEPM students with a GPA of 3.0 and above.

E. Castle Professorship in Rural Economics

Funds go toward the Emery Castle Endowed Professorship in Resource and Rural Economics.

J. D. Rowell Fellowship

Scholarship for graduate students, preference for M.S. student studying marketing.

Western Agricultural Economics Association Award

Outstanding Senior in Applied Economics in the State of Oregon This award is presented annually by the WAEA to the Outstanding Senior student in the Department of Applied Economics, upon recommendation by the departmental Undergraduate Committee. The award consists of a certificate presented to the student. The winner also receives a one-year subscription to all WAEA publications.

Agricultural Cooperative Council or Oregon Award

This annual award of $1,000 is presented to 2 junior or senior students in Applied Economics who have shown an interest in farmer cooperatives and agricultural business management. The award is made in honor of Paul Carpenter, a long time and devoted agricultural Extension specialist at Oregon State University. The award is made possible by the Agricultural Cooperative Council of Oregon, an organization representing farmer cooperatives of which Mr. Carpenter served for many years as Secretary.