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OSU Applied Economics Department Head Jennifer Alix-Garcia, along with Emily Sellars from Yale University, recently published “Labor scarcity, land tenure, and historical legacy: Evidence from Mexico” in the Journal of Development Economics...

Do you find coffee too bitter, and red wines unpleasant? You might be a supertaster! In an example of experimental research, Assistant Professor in Applied Economics department Nadia A. Streletskaya and co-authors investigate how supertasters...

REAL OREGON is a leadership program that brings future leaders from agriculture, fishing, and forestry together to learn leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of Oregon through a series of...

IIFET’s Executive Committee has named Dr. Rebecca Lent to receive the Distinguished Service Award at its upcoming conference, IIFET 2018 Seattle, where she will present a keynote address. Dr.

NOAA has recently awarded OSU and the Pacific Shellfish Institute a federal grant to assess the vulnerability of shellfish growers, consumers and other stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest to ocean acidification (OA) using a multidisciplinary...

Secota Douglas, a native of Guyana who earned a B.S.

We are saddened to pass along the news that Emeritus Professor Emery N. Castle passed away on October 31, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

Professor Bill Jaeger, along with Professor Christian Langpap, former PhD student Dan Bigelow, and former faculty member Andrew Plantinga and others, recently published a study titled “Finding Water Scarcity Amid Abundance Using Human-Natural...

At this year’s annual meeting of the Western Agricultural Economics Association, Dr.

The College of Agricultural Sciences annually acknowledges the significant contributions of our distinguished alumni through the Legacy Award.

One of the most prestigious awards given by the Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences is the Hall of Fame Award.

On October 12, at 2:00 pm in Ballard 200C, our esteemed alumni, Mary Ahearn (ERS), Rebecca Lent (Marine Mammal Commission), and Sharon Kelly, join us for a conversation about life in Applied Economics after AEC. All are welcome!

The College of Agricultural Sciences annually honors people whose lifetime contributions to agriculture, natural resources, and the people of Oregon and/or Oregon State University have been significant.

Jen Alix-Garcia

The department welcomed our new Head today--Jennifer Alix-Garcia. She comes from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The new University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Chancellor Tim Cross spent 11 years at Oregon State University as assistant professor of agricultural and resources economics and as an instructor. He left in 1994.

Larry Lev

The Cascadia Grains Conference held in Olympia, WA brought together farmers, processors and end‐users, as well as investors, brokers and local government officials to support rebuilding a grain economy west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington...

Yukiko Hashida, a 4th year PhD student studying environmental and natural resource...

Congratulations to Cassie Finer, Yukiko Hashida, and Roshan Adhikari, AEC graduate students who this year have successfully competed for external funding for their dissertation research.

We seek a visionary leader for our diverse and highly ranked program in agricultural and natural resources economics.

We would like to congratulate the recipients of the AY2017-18 AEC graduate scholarships and fellowships!

AY2016-2017 AEC graduate scholarships

Students are, from left to right,  Bennett Wahl, Andrew Miles, Tess O’Leary, Rich Manuli, Elaine Jordan and Roz Patrick

Six undergraduate students from the Department of Applied Economics recently attended the national meetings of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.  Bennett Wahl, Andrew Miles, Tess O’Leary, Rich Manuli, Elaine Jordan and Roz...

Mallory Rahe

Mallory Rahe enjoys thinking about how to build wealth in rural communities. The traditional approach to rural economic development has focused on what the community is lacking and developing financial capital.

Corvallis is the most alternative-transportation friendly community in the State and the percent of Corvallis residents that have health insurance is above the state average, according to NerdWallet.

OSU makes top 10 Ag & Forestry university list according to QS World University Rankings of approximately 200 top institutions for agriculture and forestry worldwide.

Laurie Houston, Susan Capalbo & John Antle discuss Using Big Data to Inform Agricultural Decisions on the AGree Transforming Food and Ag Policy blog.