Each week during the school year, Applied Economics Advisor Tjodie Richardson sends out information to the undergraduate students in our department. Here you will find the latest email, along with an archive of earlier emails at the bottom of this page. 
Week 10 - Fall 2021


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break. Hang in there, Winter Break is around the corner. I want to wish everyone good luck on finals, final projects, etc. If I have any announcements that come up this week, I will send out one more weekly info during Finals Week. Here are a few announcements for this week.

Winter Term Registration:

Just a reminder that Phase 1 for Winter Term registration will be open through midnight Wednesday, December 1. Registration will not be available during the day, Thursday, December 2 to prepare for Phase 2. Phase two you can register for an additional three credits if needed or get on a waitlist. Phase 2 will open again at 8:30pm Thursday, December 2. You will need to check your time online for Phase 2. If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you would like to take this class listed below:

AEC 456 – Sustainable Agricultural Development (prereq. AEC 311 or ECON 311) (Ecampus only)

Even though it has a prereq. of AEC 311, I can process an override if you would like to take them both at the same time. Please let me know. Thanks.


Agriculture and the food system are changing. Are you ready?


Colorado State University is launching a new master's degree program in Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management. Designed for professionals from a variety of academic, technical, and business backgrounds, this intensive 16-month program will help you develop the suite of creative and business skills you need to drive innovation and the development of new enterprises in today's agricultural and food industries.   


This in-person degree program will be offered at Colorado State University's new state-of-the-art Spur campus, located at the National Western Center in Denver, Colorado, beginning Fall 2022.


In the classroom, engage in coursework that immerses you in: 

the inner workings and latest developments of the agricultural and food system

essential business topics including accounting, finance, intellectual property, and regulatory, all adapted to the specifics of the agriculture and food industries.


Gain hands-on experience in the real world through a unique, integrative, team-based business development practicum project in which you are paired with external partners who are active innovators in science or industry. You will be guided through the practicum by CSU faculty, advisors, and entrepreneur-in-residence mentors.


Launch from this program into the professional world with relationships, skills, and knowledge that make you highly competitive as an innovator or entrepreneur.


Scholarships are available. Apply by May 1. Start your journey into agribusiness and food innovation. 


Learn More or Apply ❯


Dr. Greg Perry from Colorado State University will be on the OSU Campus Friday, December 3rd to speak in person with students interested in the program.  More details to follow soon. The session on the 3rd will be from 4:30-5:30pm. I don’t have any details on where this will be. As soon as I get this information, I will let you know. Stay tuned.

Job/Internship Posting Information:

When conducting your job or internship search it is important to be aware of any possible misrepresentations that may exist.  Therefore, we encourage you to read the following information so that you avoid any unfortunate situations.

Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) makes no representation, warranty or guarantee about the positions listed. CAS does not prescreen employment or internship opportunities that are submitted. By using the resources available, you are assuming full responsibility for your safety, security, wages, working conditions, fraudulent, or other aspects of any off-campus employment/internship opportunities that you discover while using CAS resources.

OSU ScholarDollars: Oregon State’s new online scholarship search and application system, ScholarDollars, is now accepting applications for more than $50 million in 2022-23 scholarship funds. OSU students may complete one application to be considered for more than 1,600 campus-based scholarship opportunities. Students are encouraged to submit their ScholarDollars applications between Nov. 1, 2021, and Feb. 1, 2022, to maximize the number of scholarships for which they will be considered. https://scholarships.oregonstate.edu/scholardollars.

That is all I have for now. Have a great week.


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