Ag Tools

Clark Seavert, AgTools

Cark Seavert will soon introduce the third element to his AgTools™ for Managing Financial Risk in Agriculture software suite - AgFinance. This suite of programs is designed to help agricultural producers make better decisions to manage their financial risk. It consists of three components:

AgProfit™, which helps producers make short, medium, and long-term investment decisions.

AgLease™, which helps establish equitable short and long-run crop share and cash rent payment leases.

AgFinance™, which can assist to make long-run decisions on a whole enterprise basis.

AgTools™ will include several training options including internet based, self-guided video modules that producers can work through at their own pace, as well as facilitated group learning sessions.  Clark recently provided several group sessions, including two workshops in Washington, at Prosser and Wenatchee, as well as a workshop in Pennsylvania, all for tree fruit growers. These outreach efforts are funded by NIFA-Specialty Crops Research Initiative through the Comprehensive Automation for Specialty Crops (CASC) project ( Additionally, Clark has developed a website, (, where users can register and download the software, find training modules, and view and register for events.

Computers Bear Fruit in Planning for Tree Plantings -- a training held in Biglerville, PA in March 2011.